Saturday, June 19, 2010

What is Robert Hurt Afraid Of?

The Perriello campaign lays the smackdown against Robert Hurt and his refusal to talk to Tea Party members and other independent voices:

Perriello’s campaign manager, Lise Clavel, said Friday that it is “pitiful” Hurt is unwilling to face Clark in a debate.

“Sen. Hurt could not get the majority support of his own party and now wants to silence independent voices that reflect many in this district, including many views of the Tea Party,” Clavel said. “Tom Perriello faced hundreds of Tea Party constituents during his 21 town hall meetings last summer. If Sen. Hurt wants this job so badly, why is he afraid to face just one?”

Tom Perriello isn't afraid to debate Robert Hurt and Jeffrey Clark together. Tom Perriello isn't afraid to spend hundreds of hours listening to constituents. Tom Perriello isn't afraid to meet one on one with Tea Party groups. Tom Perriello isn't afraid of going onto conservative radio to defend his views.

What is Robert Hurt afraid of?

Robert Hurt is afraid of debates and, after ducking several during the Republican primary, is now trying to avoid any debates during the general election.

Robert Hurt is afraid of talking to journalists without Chris LaCivita writing the press releases.

I think the next step for the Perriello campaign is to propose a compromise. LaCivita can stand in for Hurt and debate Clark and Perriello.

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