Sunday, June 20, 2010

UVA's Center for Politics Calls VA05 For Jeffrey Clark!!

Big news in the race between Tom Perriello, Robert Hurt, and Jeffrey Clark in Virginia's 5th District:

Isaac Wood, a House race analyst at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, is skeptical of Clark’s candidacy and doubts it will be a significant factor in November.

“After Perriello’s victory by the slimmest of margins in 2008, Republicans are rightly wary of anything which could cost them even a percentage point or two,” Wood said. “Jeff Clark certainly fits into that category, but his opportunity to play a large role in the general election has all but vanished. Without the endorsement of a single defeated GOP candidate or Tea Party group, it is tough to see where he will find the support and money he needs to mount a true campaign.”

Given how badly Larry Sabato's Center for Politics blew the VA-05 race in 2008, totally writing off Tom Perriello despite his growing challenge to Virgil Goode, I think this prediction is enough to call the election for Jeffrey Clark!


  1. about 7-10 days before the primary, the DNC polled those in the 5th (believe it or not, I actually got polled!). No news on this poll.

    Qs: A: in Nov., will you vote? y/n B: At that time will you vote for 1: Perriello or 2: Hurt? C: do you think Obamacare (whatever its legal name is) should be repealed? y/n

  2. Isaac Wood is a professional "Master Of The Obvious".

    Big Daddy Larry loves him because he's an On-Demand Quote Dispenser who plugs the boss's name.

    Oh yeah, Wood's right on this one.

  3. saac Wood first joined the staff of the Center for Politics in June 2007. He has been quoted in a variety of news publications and broadcasts, including The New York Times, NPR, and TIME, and served as an off-air analyst for the BBC’s election night coverage in 2008.

    This ISAAC WOOD?? Oh YEAH!! Been in the business since way back in 2007. HMM NY Times, NPR Time & BBC.. Oh yeah totally impartial.

    Give me a break

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