Friday, June 11, 2010

The Truth HURTS

Anyone who is now getting in line behind Robert Hurt despite their past statements criticizing his votes for higher taxes and lackluster record as a career politician have to be questioned for their honor and integrity.


  1. so you are not questioning my honor & integrity since I've support Robert Hurt since he announced? good to know.

  2. so it is only those who want to defeat Perriello that you are calling out?

    so you are now a Perriello supporter?

  3. Kelley,

    A lot of people said that the candidates running against Hurt were jokers because all they could talk about was how bad Hurt was and they didn't provide a positive reason to vote for themselves.

    I have to admit, I was wrong. I thought that the other candidates weren't jokers because I thought that going after Hurt's record was fair game.

    The speed with which all of them except for McKelvey have endorsed Hurt has shown the rest of the field for what they are: political opportunists. They were just bashing Hurt to try to get votes. They had no principles they were standing for. Except for McKelvey, who's still silent.

  4. i submit that anyone running for political office is an opportunist. and that's not necessarily negative. Someone who is going to put themselves "out there" to get beat on day after day AND receive adulation from supporters day after day is "opportuning" for something: themselves, God, duty, country.

    Most of those candidates thought they could win. All thought they had something to bring to the table (big egos are req'd in politics).

    McKelvey's principles may just be as he says. But he is acting like his primary principle is Jim McKelvey: he can't begin to take back our country if he isn't willing to beat Perriello. And people can beat their chest about Jeff Clark all they want--he is a distraction from the anti-capitalist that is our current Congressman.

  5. Goode will endorse shortly. This is huge for Hurt.