Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dems are not Cutting Perriello . . .

It's a trap!

A lot of Virginia bloggers are trumpeting or bemoaning the "fact" that National Democrats are going to cut off Perriello and other "lost causes" or "walking dead." The problem is that they cite a incompetent media that fails to do its homework and lives off of false assumptions. We all remember that the people who majored in "communications" in college were the slackers who couldn't do anything else. Remember that when you're reading an article by professional journalists, like Danville's Catherine Amos.

The list of vulnerable Democrats is based not on an internal statement by the DCCC, but by the journalist's own guess work. We know this as a fact. How? Because it includes Frank Kratovil of Maryland. DCCC Head Chris Van Hollen of Maryland is NOT going to indicate that they are cutting off his fellow Maryland Democrat. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is NOT going to give up on saving Kratovil. End of story.

The same is true of Perriello. Tommy Boy is the White House's favorite Democrat. They are not going to give up on him. The more people talk about Perriello being cut off, the lazier Robert Hurt's already lackluster campaign will become. Believing this crap is dangerous and could cost Hurt the election.

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  1. NAS, you continue to both amaze and entertain the few readers of your blog that you still have left!
    This latest dream of yours is a superb example of the pure fantasy that has overtaken your writing since the Republican primary. Are you under a doctor's care for this fantasy?

    If not, we 5thers definitely think you should consult a are in desperate need of one!