Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Robert Hurt, Emo Teen?

Our little Robert seems to be growing up. He's finally hitting the angry and emotional teenage years where he can't take anyone criticizing him. The big bad Danville Register & Bee has just pushed him around so much he had to write them a heartfelt letter explaining just how he feels.

Your stated fondness for Rep. Tom Perriello’s taxpayer-funded town hall meetings — gatherings in which an incumbent asks hard-working and busy citizens to come and listen to him — is lazy business when compared to the on-the-ground campaign we’ve conducted for the past 10 months. We have not stood in one place and told voters to come to us. We have sought them out by the thousands all over the Fifth District — in their homes, on the streets, on their farms, in their businesses and in their workplaces.


Here's more of Robert's on-the-ground campaign:

Hurt is pathetic. He won't attend any fair debates, a complete reversal of his stance in the primary. He holds secret forums and locks out the public from his events that pander to his narrow base of good ol' boy friends. The same "conservatives" that rallied behind him in the primary to claim he was a great guy, despite his vote for the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia.

The sad thing is that Hurt can't take the minor amount of pressure the press has applied to him. What would he do under real questioning? Why hasn't the press investigated his time in New York? His time at a wealthy Northern Virginia boarding school? His work as a lawyer? It's time for the press in the district to step it up.

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  1. i attended several of these events that you claim were closed to the public. You are not correct because many of these events were indeed open to the public. the Chase City debate was open to all persons. Opening of any campaign office is open to the public. We have had meet & greets in Lunenburg where we would have welcomed more constituent attendance.

    I get the sense from the video that the cameraman may be a tracker. Trackers are a way of life in big campaigns, but I doubt that any candidate or host wants a tracker in a private fundraiser.

    Robert Hurt is our next Congressman.