Monday, September 13, 2010

Tom Perriello: Six Degrees of Hollywood

The NRCC is finally up to defend their boy Senator Robert Hurt from the apparent bully in the 5th District of Virginia, Tom Perriello. First time in his life that Tommy Boy's ever been accused of the bully. And now, having spent the last two years telling us that Perriello was a New York, we're told that he's a Hollywood liberal!

I've long said that the Republican Party needs to do more to investigate the ties of Tommy Boy and his friends. Who else went to Yale with Tom Perriello? What other potential subversive politicians come from the Albemarle area where Perriello makes his home? I did a little bit of research of my own and discovered some worrying ties . . .

As we all know, Tom Perriello has received significant support from other leading Democrats, including former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

Former Governor Tim Kaine is now Chairman of the DNC, the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC has received funds from notorious actor Kevin Bacon!

Wow, Tom Perriello is practically in the pocket of Kevin Bacon. Talk about bringing home the pork!

How far does the influence of Bacon-flavored politics go?

It's worse than I originally thought.

Kevin Bacon was in the 1987 comedy Planes, Trains, & Automobiles with Matthew Lawrence.

Lawrence, as we all know, was in the 1988 movie Pulse with Cliff De Young.

Now it gets interesting.

Cliff De Young was in the classic (how could you forget!) The Skateboard Kid (1993) with Trevor Lissauer.

And Trevor Lissauer was . . . in Eden's Curve with Lindwood Duncan, Virgil Goode's ol' press secretary!

Virgil was on the Appropriations Committee and his love of pork extended to his staff, with Duncan a notorious fan of hot sausage. No wonder they have links to Kevin Bacon! It's sad to see that Tom Perriello has also gone Hollywood, just like Virgil.

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