Thursday, September 23, 2010

PDS Spreads to Media!

An epidemic is sweeping across Virginia! No one is safe! Not only our fellow Virginians, but victims are falling ill in Washington DC. If our nation's capitol isn't safe, where will we hide? This blog may be the only safe outpost for reason and sanity in these dangerous times. So keep reading!

I first identified this epidemic through close and careful study of the Hurtards attacking Tom Perriello for EVERYTHING. Perriello Derangement Syndrome, or PDS, creates an irrational hatred of Tommy Boy. If he votes in agreement with you, it means he's just desperate and trying to win reelection. If he votes against you, it shows how he's the lap dog of Pelosi. If he votes against Pelosi, the vote must be of no consequence. If he schedules town halls at a time inconvenience for you, he's hiding from the voters. If he's willing to debate anyone, anywhere, he's getting too much media coverage.

I was pleased to see this piece by Peter Galuszka talking about Perriello's willingness to defend his views to his constituents. There is no doubt: Perriello is a better man, a better human, than Robert Hurt will ever be. Perriello is honest, hard working, and fundamentally decent. Robert Hurt is a career politicians. The rest of what I want to say about him isn't appropriate for a public blog.

I warned the Hurtards that their PDS had to stop. They were setting themselves up for being mocked by Perriello and his supporters for being so irrational. Perriello is now up with ads making this point. The ad lists over and over again his record of independence while another person, the stereotypical Hurtard, continues to complain that he's not really independent and those issues don't matter. Try telling the farmers in our district that opposing increased regulations doesn't matter. Try telling our hunters that defending the 2nd Amendment doesn't matter.

Sadly, PDS appears to be spreading. I've been tracking the sad, pathetic existence of Catherine Amos throughout the campaign. Her reporting is so terrible I have even suggested she might be a secret agent of Tom Perriello, because her reporting is so bad it offends anyone with a basic grasp of reality.

I've also noted another dim-witted floozy reporter Janelle Rucker of the Roanoke Times. The editor's of the paper eventually published a note online correcting her story, but I never did receive a reply to my e-mail pointing out the error. I guess she doesn't want to admit she made a mistake. It's easier going on making mistakes that way.

Unfortunately, it's not just these floozies here in Virginia who are suffering from an inability to get the facts straight. Who can forget Politico's Glenn Thrush and his failure to fact check an NRCC provided transcript (provided by notorious Twittergate villian Andy Sere!) when he claimed Tommy Boy accused his constituents of racism. Today, the Hill's Sean Miller also fell victim.

Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello expects to get the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, which could help his uphill reelection battle.

The fact that the freshman Democrat's campaign touted the pending endorsement a week before it's expected to be officially announced shows how much he needs the boost. His campaign recently circulated an internal poll that showed Perriello tied with Republican challenger Robert Hurt.

Wow! Tom Perriello is DESPERATE. Look here every body, another Democrat clinging to reelection and doing everything possible to win. I'm a great reporter! I just reported something that reinforces conventional wisdom! High five!

The problem is that Perriello didn't tout the pending endorsement today, he issued a statement in response to Robert Hurt preemptively dismissing the endorsement! Hurt, desperate to hold off Perriello's surge in the polls, decided to generate a story late in the week about the endorsement and try to push it aside as meaningless. Perriello simply responded to this desperate act by rightfully touting the important endorsement.

I even made a comment on Sean Miller's article pointing this out to him and directing him to the news story. A few hours later, Miller "updated" the article to include Hurt's dismissal of the pending endorsement. But he didn't update the article to correct the actual chronology of events. Why? Because a desperate Republican challenger against a confident Democratic incumbent isn't conventional wisdom! Sean is just like Glenn, Janelle, and Catherine. They only publish what they know everyone else is saying! They are little more than lemmings doing what the mob of reporters around them are saying. Worthless!


  1. How much do you get paid by Perriello or his supporters to write this pile of dog manure? In case you haven't noticed, nobody responds to your garbage; just 1 , one-word comment in over a week, other tham my infrequent comments!

    By the way, while you have been on the "hiding" kick lately, let's talk about YOU hiding from the voters of the 5th!!

    Who are you in the real world? What's your real name? Why are you one of the VERY few political bloggers in the 5th who insists on hiding his identity from your readers? Show us a picture of yourself!

    What are you hiding from when you hide your identity from the public?

    Lay it out for us , NAS! Surely your socialist origins background, and beliefs demand complete disclosure to the public; after all, it's what you have been asking for from Hurt!

  2. what does his identity have to do with it?
    hes aloud to have an opinion whether it is anonymous or not. and btw that's what a blog is a opinion...often the opinion of the person writing it.
    so sorry your offended by anyone challenging your precious Robbie the RHINO.
    the fact is he is a coward and no he doesn't care all that much about the people in the 5th district he believes he is entitled to the position and shouldn't have to explain himself his actions his votes or his opinions to anyone.
    seems anytime someone has an opinion that is not in lock step with you you want to know everything about them why? why would anyone tell you anything about themselves? to you everyone is hiding something is out to get someone except of course Robert hurt.
    If you hate this blog so much I suggest you stop reading it I know I'm sick of seeing your misinformed and childish posts and I am sure I'm not the only one!

  3. katty, what a child you are, my dear! Come back when you grow up, girl!