Monday, September 20, 2010

More Lazy Reporting in VA05

Did Catherine Amos get hired by the Roanoke Times under a pseudonym?

Clark is a Danville Tea Party member, while Hurt has met with tea party members and wants their vote. Perriello, too, has met with the Lynchburg Tea Party -- in a meeting closed to the press. Jim McKelvey, a former tea party candidate who ran for the Republican nomination in the 5th District, has endorsed Hurt.

Ah, no Janelle, Perriello's meeting with the Lynchburg Tea Party was not closed to the press. That would be Hurt. Perriello was the one meeting at Captain D's across the street because he wanted the meeting open to the public.

Reporters covering the 5th District of Virginia: Bad Reporters or WORST Reporters?

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