Monday, September 27, 2010

Flashback: Hurt on Debates

Remember when Robert Hurt valiantly defended the right of all Republican candidates to be included in debates?

Hurt could not be reached directly, but released a statement through his campaign manager dismissing the challenge.

“Ignoring all the other candidates as Mr. Verga has done in this request is nothing more than a political stunt and is frankly insulting to the fine contributions each of the other candidates have brought to this campaign,” Hurt said in a statement.

What changed? Why won't Hurt debate all of the candidates?

I guess Hurt has one set of rules for debates when multiple opponents helps him divide the opposition, and another rule for when multiple opponents means a conservative voice holding him accountable.


  1. NAS, who are you? I repeat the question..........Who are you?

    Why do you hide your identity when you attempt to portray yourself as a 5th District conservative voice? Are you afraid people you know will suddenly "know you" to be a conservative? What possible reason could you have to hide your identity from your readers?

    Tell me, when you tell me your identity, that you have "no secrets" that you would not want us to know!

  2. 3 debates are written on my calendar. the particular TV stations do not broadcast in my area so I'm thinking I might attend these events live.

    If Clark had wanted to be a factor in this race, he should have run & won the primary. He is acting like Murkowski (AL), Crist (FL) & possibly Castle (DE).

  3. kelly your wrong Clark is not acting like those people...those people ran and lost the primary and are in it as independents because of that... Clark on the other hand never intended to run as a republican because he recodnizes that they are just as responsible for the mess our country is in as the dems. He realizes there is a problem with the 2 party status quo and is running as an independent because he belives you cannot truly serve the people if you swear an oath of loyalty to your party first.

    VA patriot can you respond to anything with something other than who r u? I mean really some substance to your writings would be nice I mean I am sure that you have an opinion.