Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hurt's Carpetbagging Team Repeats Lies

Today, Robert Hurt announced that he would decline yet another public debate with Tom Perriello because he is afraid of Jeff Clark. Add to the list of groups Hurt is not snubbing THE AMERICAN LEGION. That's right folks, Hurt doesn't want to talk to veterans who have risked their lives for our country and our freedoms. For shame!

Of course that didn't stop Hurt's carpetbagging team to include the lie, again, that Hurt has participated in "dozens" of public debates.


How does Amanda Henneberg live with herself knowing that she's selling her soul to whoever is paying her salary? Having worked for Charlie Crist, has she given up any sense of human decency and is willing to repeat any lie that he bosses tell her to say?

Robert Hurt has not participated in "dozens" of public debates. That's an outright lie. Does Amanda Henneberg even know that it's a lie? How much does she actually know about Robert Hurt, his background, and his campaign? She also claimed, "As we have made clear from the beginning of this campaign, Robert is happy to debate Congressman Perriello one-on-one.” Well we know that's not true, Robert wasn't clear from the beginning of this campaign at all!

Here's the question. Is Amanda Henneberg purposefully lying, or is she so ignorant she doesn't know she's lying?

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